Why Apparel export promotion council is important?

Apparel export promotion council- AEPC is a marketing organisation that provides services to apparel manufacturers and retailers, which include promoting and marketing products, brand awareness, market research and digital marketing.

“The apparel industry is the second-largest export sector in India after the food and beverages industry. The apparel industry contributes about 6 per cent of the total exports of India and accounts for about 8 per cent of the global clothing exports. The market for apparel products has grown from $2 billion in 2001 to $8 billion by 2012. It is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 7 per cent from 2012-2022.”

The Apparel export promotion council AEPC is a body of the national policy and regulatory authority established to promote exports and enhance foreign direct investment in the country. The association was formed in 2000 under the Ministry of Industry, being an apex body for promoting domestic and international trade in Pakistan.

The Apparel export promotion council AEPC has since then been involved in a variety of activities including exporting to various countries across the globe and providing assistance to exporters through its online platform. The AEPC exports products and services to countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The AEPC was created for two main reasons: one was to provide assistance to Pakistani apparel manufacturers and retailers in exporting their products around the world, and another was for the purpose of providing a platform for exporters like us who wanted to promote their products internationally.

The apparel export promotion council is a global organisation, which recognises the importance of industry-specific product design and development.

Providing a platform to bring together leading brands, retailers and manufacturers, helps them to stand out from the competition by promoting their products.

The Internet is the world’s primary source of communication. This has improved human productivity and knowledge and has made it possible for brands to connect with their consumers around the globe. People are able to find and share information in fractions of a second.

A brand’s ability to interact with its consumer is dependent on the type of interaction that they consider the most effective, and how it can be done at a minimal cost. Asking for Comments: Brand engagement with consumers is based on consumer choice and consensus.

Brands must understand each step through which a consumer engages to know where and how they want to consume. This can be influenced by the environment in which a consumer is captured, but generally speaking, brands must understand the context of their engagement with consumers.

Brand behaviour-based analysis: Once a brand has engaged with its audience/customers/families through different channels of communication, it must analyse these channels on a regular basis and in a systematic way.

It must develop an integrated digital strategy that includes the following components:-

• The creation of a digital marketing campaign to retain and grow its existing customers.

• The development of a digital roadmap focusing on the integration of all these channels into one master campaign.

• Developing the campaign in an agile way.

Apparel Promotion Council

Why Should You Use an Export Promotion Council?

The Export Promotion Council (EPC) is an organization that aims to increase the number of exports and make it a ‘must have’ skill for Indian companies. Exporting to foreign countries is one of the most important aspects of any business. However, it becomes even more crucial for Indian garment exporters. The government has recently introduced an Export Promotion Council (EPC) for India. This council aims at promoting the export of garments to foreign markets in a systematic and systematic manner.

It also helps companies in growing their business abroad by providing them with all kinds of export promotion information and services.

Exporting is the way of life for many people in India. The government hopes to increase the number of exports and make it a ‘must have’ skill for Indian companies.

The EPC is the global trade association representing the apparel and textile industry, with over 2,000 members from around 150 countries. They are dedicated to improving their members’ competitiveness in global markets through effective advocacy, education and information services.

They meet once every three months to discuss issues related to exports and foreign direct investment (FDI). This council meets twice per year to discuss international trade and investment policy.


What Are the Best Software for Export Promotion Councils?

The Export Promotion Councils (EPC) are the main players in the apparel industry in Canada. They are responsible for promoting and marketing their products to international buyers. They are also responsible for ensuring that brands within their region have a fair market share of goods and services globally so that they can maximise their profits.

Global brands are looking to local retailers to provide them with the best possible opportunities for brand expansion, as well as for selling goods and services in the local market.

Export Promotion Councils Software – Export Promotion Councils Software is a free export promotion council software that helps in promoting your products abroad by giving you extra exposure through social media, search engines, etc. and also allows you to monitor your sales on different platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads as well as tracking your performance on the website which will help you understand how well your product is being marketed abroad or not.

Why Should You Invest in Export Promotion Councils?

The apparel export promotion councils (EPCs) are the top-selling brands across the world. They offer a wealth of products such as clothes, footwear, accessories and more. They can be used for any business looking to promote their products internationally in the best possible way. They are also known to provide high-quality content, with minimal involvement from your staff, and can be easily integrated into any company’s content creation process.

There is no doubt that they continue to be a significant part of the solution in the fields of recruitment, sales, and marketing. They are also known to be a great way to make money online. These sites have been around for a while, and have become very popular over the years.

The world of advertising is highly saturated with various advertising mediums. There are thousands of ads on different platforms which cannot be easily found and it becomes a problem when trying to find the one that fits your business or product.

Exporting from India to Top 5 Countries – Export Promotions Councils and Beyond!

The Export Promotion Council (EPC) was established in the year 2005. The official name of EPC is the Export Promotion Council of India (EPCI). The main objective is to promote and facilitate exports from India.

The EPCI helps in promoting exports, monitoring and implementing the strategy for export, organizing trade fairs, participating in international cooperation schemes. , and participating in marketing, industrial design and technical cooperation programmes.

The EPCI ensures the effective implementation of international assistance by linking developed countries to developing countries. The EPCI helps in making grants to friendly nations for export promotion and development, as well as assisting them with technical assistance programmes.

The council has its headquarters in New Delhi, but it also has regional offices in Pune, Jaipur, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Chennai. These offices are responsible for promoting exports from their respective states.

The council is set up to coordinate India’s export promotion efforts. The council monitors the impact of exports on the Indian economy and its key stakeholders, including consumers, industry and policymakers.

They also provide information on exporting opportunities in their respective regions to a wide range of companies across industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing and textiles. The council is headed by a chairman who is appointed by


The Export Promotion Councils are the major export promotion agencies in India. They represent a whole range of products and services like textiles, garments, footwear, and leather goods.

The export promotion council is a platform that deals with all aspects of marketing to the overseas market. They help manufacturers in getting good exposure in overseas markets by providing them with marketing strategies and promotional tools.

The council also has a lot of information on how to get into the market and what steps need to be taken before going there. This includes details on the different requirements for each country, as well as advice on how best to go about it.

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