eCommerce is the most ignored and yet most painful part for any 
fashion entrepreneur and yet it remains one of the most ignored functions in a fashion startup.

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E-commerce is a term used to describe buying and selling goods and services online. The customer-centric approach of e-commerce is the driving force behind its global success. This new form of retailing enables a new level of customer convenience & satisfaction. It revolutionizes the way businesses and consumers interact with each other as well.

The process of e-commerce starts with the consumer who visits an online store and clicks on the "buy now" button or "add to cart." The consumer then gets redirected to the retailer's website, where they have to provide their personal information, such as their name, address, email address, shipping information, and payment method. Once this information is provided, the customer goes through the checkout process where they can purchase their desired product.

We have a very long and detailed informative post that explains what is an eCommerce Operating, the key eCommerce metrics, discusses in detail what is Dropshipping and how is dropshipping is changing the landscape of the eCommerce industry. Please read our Step-by-step Guide to eCommerce: Everything you need to know about eCommerce and Dropshipping.

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The New Rules of Fashion Marketing

The fashion industry has changed drastically in the past few decades, and it has gone from a niche market to a mainstream one.
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Top Fashion Business Blogs to follow

Fashion blogs are a great way to get the latest trends and news on the go. They help build a brand’s credibility

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