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Lightyear streams today, the first Pixar film on Disney+

The first Pixar movie to broadcast on Disney+, “Lightyear,” has scenes in IMAX’s Expanded Aspect Ratio.

The first Pixar film to reach theatres in two years was “Lightyear.” It eventually premieres on the streaming service Disney+ after a month and a half. Subscribers may view the “Toy Story” spin-off at home starting today, August 3. It’s noteworthy that this is the first Disney and Pixar animated movie on Disney+ to have scenes in the expanded aspect ratio of IMAX.


With IMAX Enhanced, the movie includes IMAX’s exclusive Expanded Aspect Ratio, which allows viewers up to 26% more picture for key scenes of the movie without the use of any special equipment. This implies that you can see more of the activity on your screen.

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The movie’s director, Angus MacLane, expressed his delight that “Lightyear” by Disney and Pixar will be the first IMAX Enhanced animated feature to debut on Disney+ in a statement. For “Lightyear” viewers in cinemas, at home, and anywhere else, we were able to produce a superior watching experience by utilising IMAX technology throughout the entire filmmaking process.

“Lightyear” is one of 15 Marvel movies that are accessible on Disney+ in IMAX Enhanced. These include “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” “Avengers: Endgame,” “Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings,” and more.

Chris Evans plays Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger from Andy’s favourite childhood movie, in the animated movie. In contrast to the other films in the Toy Story series, “Lightyear” focuses on Buzz the human and his journey to find his way back to Earth after becoming stranded with his commander and crew on a dangerous planet. By mistake, he travels 62 years into the future, when the robotic army of the terrible Emperor Zurg (James Brolin) has conquered the Earth.

Regarding the relationship between “Lightyear” and the other four “Toy Story” movies, there was a lot of misunderstanding. This may account for why the new film didn’t achieve the level of success Pixar had hoped for. With only $222.4 million in total worldwide revenue, or around $20 million more than its claimed budget, it was effectively a box office flop. In contrast, the box office revenue for “Toy Story 3” and “Toy Story 4” was over $1 billion.

Since it will have scenes in IMAX’s Expanded Aspect Ratio, it is hoped that “Lightyear” will be more successful on Disney+ than it was in theatres.



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