What Quality Control Constitutes in the Fashion Industry

Quality control :- Quality control in the fashion industry is a term that refers to the process of making sure that the clothes are of high quality and meet all standards. This is done by sampling the clothes and checking whether they are good quality.

Quality control in GlamWork, one of the leading fashion suppliers in India, covers every stage of production from design, sourcing, manufacturing to logistics. This ensures that our customers receive high-quality products at competitive prices.

The HulaGlobal team is committed to providing the best quality products for their customers.

Quality control is the process of evaluating the quality of a product according to its specifications and ensuring that it meets the product specification requirements. The assessment should be done by experts in quality control who are well versed with various techniques and tools for testing.

The first step in quality control is identifying what constitutes ‘quality’.can be done by defining what you want to achieve with your product and then measuring it. This will help you decide on your criteria for assessing your product’s quality.

Quality control should be performed at every production stage, starting from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing, packaging, distribution and finally sale to customers.

Quality control
Quality control

What are the Steps of Quality Control in the Fashion Industry?

Quality control in the fashion industry is atypical. Quality control in the apparel industry is not just focused on quality in production but production standards that are appropriate for their target populations.

International agreements, regulations, and laws enacted by consumer nations often influence production standards. Brands, therefore, have to rely on their production facilities to comply with such rules and ensure safe and fair working conditions.

Quality control

Ethical fashion, brand, design decision

(1) Design Decision

Quality Control – Ethical fashion best fits the employer’s long-term goal. Different stakeholders in the production process must be satisfied to create a broader perspective of sustainability management in doing business.

Quality Control – A designer has to plan the garment manufacturing process in detail, considering factors like product design strategy and innovative design elements.

(2) Production System Design

– Quality control system is an essential component for making suitable garments. At the factory level, it includes pre-cutting checklist by QC department, CAD drawn try piece drawn by production supervisor, link cutting inspection conducted by processing inspector, preprocessing stage finished parts inspected by QC supervisors at their position before packing for shipment or finished product inspection conducted after completion of assembling process.

Quality control

What are the Standards of Quality Control in the Fashion Industry?

Quality Control- Standards of quality control evolve as economic and social factors change. For some time, it emphasized more than others, which led to variations in applying those controls.

Standards of quality control in the fashion industry directly affect how a product is marketed and made.

For any clothing or accessory to be sold, it must comply with specific standards for production, durability, appearance and much more. To meet these guidelines, clothing companies go through a series of inspections before advertising products to the public. These organizations typically put their products through several tests, including saltwater immersion, abrasion resistance, colorfastness or color migration tests to avoid risks that might tarnish their product’s reputation.

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Quality Controls:

– Meeting product requirements according to Quality Control standards (including fabric and manufacturing)

– Providing fit and appearance of product at retail levels (which includes wholesale and independent clothing outlets)

– Evaluate supplier’s ability to meet standards of quality control.

Quality Control- The fashion industry continues to grow at a reasonably rapid compilation, with emerging trends coming more rapidly than ever. This is partly due to the ever-increasing use of new technology throughout the industry. Today’s demand, attention, and phenomenal success set high standards for designers who succeed within this marketplace.

The Organization’s ultimate responsibility in quality control

Quality control- Quality Control is crucial for companies in the fashion industry while adhering to sustainable principles. GlamWork takes quality control to another level by performing quality-control tests, taking quality control measures in production, and being accountable for product quality.

GlamWork is committed to implementing the highest level of professionalism and responsibility in providing its expertise in maintaining quality in fashion responsibility.

At GlamWork, we take our responsibility to maintain and uphold the Quality Control of our clothing in all areas of Quality Assurance and Quality Control very seriously.

Quality Control – Quality Control plays a significant role in assuring that the garment meets quality standards. And its function is broader than monitoring for defective products. 

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