Sourcing is the most ignored and yet most painful part for any 
fashion entrepreneur and yet it remains one of the most ignored functions in a fashion startup.

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What is Apparel product sourcing and how we can help.

Have you ever tried to wrap around your head finding apparel suppliers in a completely different part of the world? Was it successful?

Did you find suppliers who make all sorts of commitments on product quality and the timeline for delivery, and then you find that it would take over a month only for samples to arrive? Sometimes nothing arrives, or you get some weird information that comes at the last moment from your supplier. Do you think this communication gap could be because of cultural differences, or is it?

If sourcing apparel, whether for your fashion brand or sourcing / working for another company, the chances are that you have had interactions with some suppliers from the east (read - China, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh etc.).

What makes these interactions challenging: Language barrier Understanding cultural differences Creating transparency on what is being communicated and what is being delivered Negotiation

In the apparel industry, sourcing is one of the critical aspects of the operation. It doesn't matter how beautiful your designs are and how high-quality your samples are; if you don't have an excellent network of factories to execute - you are doomed!

We at GlamWork, over a decade, have the experience of working with various suppliers across different aspects of the apparel supply chain. We managed our own brands and we also managed our own factories - so we have seen the world from both sides of the table.

When it comes to apparel sourcing, we are confident that you won’t find a better partner than us with a strong domain knowledge and empathy for fashion brands.

For more information, please read our detailed post - How to Find the Best Suppliers For Your Fashion Brand?
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