Movie Review

Not Okay

Though "Not Okay" explicitly informs viewers that the movie has "flashing lights, trauma-related themes, and an unlikeable female protagonist," but this is only partly correct

The Story Seeks to explore how social media embraces and even warps survivor stories  rps survivor stories through the tale of Danni Sanders 

Danni Sanders becomes one of the most hated people in the world because “Not Okay” opens in the aftermath of her having been exposed as a massive, amoral fraud.

“Not Okay” starts by jumping back two months to re-introduce Danni as a photo editor at an online mag called Depravity

Danni laments the totally minor problems in her life, including being on a cruise vacation during 9/11, 

Danni has been set up as a social media creature who doesn’t understand the difference between tragedy and happiness—after all, both boost social followings, right?

She stumbles through a conversation with her crush Colin (a Dylan O’Brien), that ends with her saying she’s going to France. In reality, she’s not because she can’t afford it.

Instead of walking back the lie that Colin probably already forgot, she comes up with a plan. She uses her photo skills to make it appear that she’s on a writer’s retreat in Paris.

One morning, she drops a photo of herself at the Arc de Triomphe, and then the City of Lights is attacked by terrorists, including a bomb right at that location she posted from. 

Danni decides to go with it, pretending to be a survivor, and her new social celeb status rises even higher when she aligns with an actual survivor superstar

In the end, it's a fun dramedy with strong performances from Deutch and Mia Isaac
but Falls short of asking serious questions about why people lie for fame or how we turn victims of extreme violence into celebrities.