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Highland Park Parade Shooting

firing among festivities

Highland Park, Illinois witnessed mass shooting during Independence day parade on 4rth July 2022.

Although it's not clear yet that how many shots were fired, witnesses guesstimate at 20 or more rounds

fast and ambigious

firearm has been captured

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, firearms & explosives is working to investigate around the firearm, the spokesperson KIm Nerheim said.

The accused, Robert Crimo shot the bullets from a rooftop from where the firearm has been recovered. 



26 people were taken to the hospitals ranging from 8 years to 85 years old. Later on, 5 adults were declared dead.

how  people reacted ?

Authorities described the accused as  "People of Interest". Many social media handles suspended his accounts.

President is shocked and surged the federal law to urgently search for the shooter

A steep rise in mass shooting incidents

The incident has been accounted as 308th mass shooting this year following deadly shootings in Uvalde, Texas & Buffalo, New York during last month.