What is Glamwork

GlamWork puts everything you need to launch your brand in one place

GlamWork is an ecosystem that enables you to launch & scale your fashion brand from idea to execution in less than 30 days


Karan Bose



Operations Manager





Vishal Gupta

Web Designer




Our history in the fashion & apparel industry started in 2013 when our founder, Karan Bose started working with Uniqlo in Tokyo. Inspired by the basic minimal design, Karan moved back to India to launch a fashion eCommerce brand in 2014.

While running this brand, Karan struggled to get basic necessities “on time” and eventually closed the brand in 2015 – less than a year in operation.

Since 2015, Karan has worked hard to build products and services that enable fashion eCommerce sellers to focus on their business and not get carried away by distractions.

Hula Global, founded in 2018 is a network of apparel manufacturing factories in India, Bangladesh, and China that takes care of end-to-end sourcing responsibilities for the fashion brands.

Tulip Digital, founded in 2017 is a digital agency focusing on eCommerce, particularly Amazon & Shopify.

GlamWork brings together these internal subsidiaries and brands along with external partners to create a cohesive ecosystem for fashion entrepreneurs to launch & scale their fashion brands.

The current list of subsidiaries and associated brands under the group are: Hula Global – Apparel manufacturing & sourcing (B2B), ultra uniforms – a uniforms only subsidiary (B2B), UltraBio Medical, a healthcare & PPE brand, Ecogram – Women’s loungewear brand in the US, GlamWork Studio -fashion incubated based in Delhi and Bose Foundation – a non-profit working in skills development and women empowerment sector in India

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