About Glamwork

GlamWork.org started as a media platform under Hulaglobal.com and the scope was to bring content specific to fashion entrepreneurs. Our content team created interesting and engaging content and along the way we built a strong subscriber community of founders, business operators and professionals specializing within the fashion & Apparel industry.

As we stepped into 2023, we saw an increase in default by brands who are working with our partner factories. Initially the liquidation was done in a very unstructured manner but as we came near the end of 2023, we structured a systematic process to execute these liquidation orders by creating a win-win situation for the seller (our partner factories) and our buyers.

Our division is set-up to cater specifically for orders that are in payment default by buyer or canceled orders due to delay. These orders should not to be confused with e-commerce / Amazon FBA liquidation that happens due to customer returns.

These orders are fresh production, the merchandise never left the factory floor.

The only catch - payments need to happen before the goods leave the factory.

You can browse deals on our website or if there is a particular product category that you are interested but it is not listed, you can reach out to us at [email protected] or [email protected]

We work hard to deliver you the best information the deals that we publish. We fact check and ensure that any deal that we publish is supported by real data of facts and figures.