How it Works

Step 1

Offer is released (mail blast)

Step 2

If the price & product matches your need, you request a few samples.

Ideally for samples under $5 we do not charge any sample fee but you have to bear the courier fee. You can pay for a courier online or if you have an Aramex or Fedex or DHL account, you can get the courier shipped under your account from our Noida office (India). Courier charges are determined on pin code and weight of the samples requested.

Step 3

Once the sample is approved, you pay 20% down payment and then we prepare the shipment. This would be against a pro-forma invoice.

In most cases, the shipment is already packed but from the time the client defaults until the actual liquidation deal materialises, a lot of samples get sent over and as a result the actual quantities can come down. For example in the previous offer of 20k pcs, the polo t-shirt we actually counted today are 18,687 pcs : rest were dispatched to prospects as samples and some were removed by our quality team during evaluation.

Step 4

Once your exact quantity is determined, we will send you the packing list. In that packing list, quantity becomes much clearer by SKU and sizes - before the final count, it is an estimate.

Step 5

Once you have the final quantity and the commercial invoice - you make the balance payment.

We quote all prices - ex-factory (Delhi, India). Port IGI Airport or TKD (Sea / Inland). For the US market, we have done some shipments on FOB and CIF terms as well.

Without the payment of ex-factory prices, the factory would not release the goods. These goods are being sold for pennies because the original buyer defaulted, the factory will not take any payment risk again.

Having said that, as I mentioned above we have shipped to some importers from the US (LA) and they prefer CIF prices.

In specific cases of CIF / DDP, the factory releases the goods after the payment of ex-factory price and then the goods are dispatched. We coordinate all the logistics and custom clearance etc for their shipment and our buyer would pay the freight and balance CIF price once the goods arrive at the port against BL.